Permanent Family Visa to Saudi Arabia

Taking your family in saudi is easy if you have the right profession. I’ll walk through the checklists and process you have to do. This post is relevant to Jeddah Isthigdam.

First thing, you need the right profession in your Iqama (Residence Permit). If your profession is marked as labour, electrician, plumber or any other non-professional or non-supervisory category, you are not eligible for bringing your family to the kingdom. If you are a marketing manager, computer programmer, network engineer, medical professional etc, you are eligible.

Supporting Documents to be prepared from home country:

  1. Your original marriage certificate to be attested from the saudi embassy in your home country
  2. Your original educational certificate (relevant to your profession in your Iqama) to be attested by the saudi embassy in your home country
  3. Birth certificates of your kids attested by saudi embassy in your home country

Supporting Documents to be prepared from Saudi:

  1. Arabic translation of your marriage certificate
  2. Arabic translation of your education certificate
  3. Arabic translation of your children’s birth certificate
  4. A letter from your sponsor stating his consent to bring your family, with all your ID numbers and salary details mentioned. There is commonly used template available. Check with your sponsor. This letter should be in the sponsor’s letter pad (or his company’s) and should be attested from the Chamber of Commerce.
  5. The family visa request application form in Arabic. This requires signature and seal of your sponsor.
  6. A bank transfer of SR 2000 to the government towards the “Family Visa” issue account. This payment can be done online if you have a bank account here and has online facility. If you don’t have it, there are document making people in most of the corners and they will help you if you pay some commission to them. Mention your Iqama ID as the sponsor ID correctly while the transfer (You are the sponsor for your family). This amount is per application and not per person in the application. Keep a copy of the transfer receipt with you.
  7. Copy of your Iqama
  8. Copy of your Passport including the Visa stamped page, very important.

The Istiqdam in Jeddah

It’s in the Al Amr Metab Street Close the Falasteen Street. The office opens at 07:30 AM and operation starts at 08:00 AM. Make sure your reach as early as possible because there will be people standing in the queue even 6 AM.


  1. Keep all the documents mentioned above with you
  2. There will be other applicants and they will be writing their names in a blank paper, indicating who came first. Write your name and queue number. If you are the first who have reached, then just get blank paper and start the queue !
  3. There are 2 counters in the building, one for Visit visa and another for family visa. You need to go the family visa when the office opens at 08:00 AM. The prepared list of queue will be given to the officer and he will grand you the token respective to your queue number. I like that system. No panics there. If you reached late after 08:00, then get your token from the office directly. Now wait for your turn.
  4. When your token called, give your documents to him. Everything works smooth if you have all documents in good shape. The officer collects your documents and ask you to wait
  5. The officer calls you by name and if everything is fine, he will give you the Yellow slip which will have your wife’s and kid’s name mentioned in it.
That’s pretty much it. Send this document to your home travel agent. Ask your wife and kids to do the medical. Stamp the visa in your passport. Get the ticket.
Happy home.

194 Comments on “Permanent Family Visa to Saudi Arabia”

  1. Mrs. Fathima Mohideen says:

    Assalaamualaikkum Sir,

    My husband has got a job as shift chemist in Saudi, however the visa category in his visa is Water Lab Technician. Is he eligible for permanent family visa. He has not yet resigned from his present job in UAE. Please help.



  2. firdousamir says:

    Salams Fathima,

    Regarding family visa, what his real job doesn’t matter, what matters is the profession mentioned in the Visa/Iqama. I don’t know about this Visa type yet, my friend told me “technicians” normally have family visa. I would recommend your husband to check with his saudi employer if this Visa profession is eligible for family visa.

    If it is eligible, he has to furnish education certificate (Degree/Deploma/PG) relevant to the profession “Water Lab Technician” to the saudi embassy in India and they should accept it.

    So, the bottom line is

    1. His profession in the visa should have family visa eligibility.
    2. He should have educational qualification/certificate relevant to his profession in the Visa.

    Good luck.

    • imran says:

      Dear i have a degree of BA, and i am working as a Mareketing speacialist and my profession is also same…

      can i apply permit visa for my family??? in the BA degree.

      • muhammad zakir khan says:

        i am in sodia arabia , my visa is building techniciam , i have B.A digree from azad kashmir board , i am computer diploma holder i work there as a auto cad ,
        i am a new marriage man, i have 8 month in sodia,
        i need a visa of my wife, i have no child

      • firdousamir says:

        What’s your question?

  3. Mrs. Fathima Mohideen says:

    Assalaamualaikkum Sir,
    Thank you so much for your prompt reply, He is MSc in Chemistry and his certificate has been as of today morning gone through all the attestations reqd. Compared to Dubai rules and regulations Saudi is like a mystery. Each country has its own rules an dregulations to protest its people and as there is a lot of influx of pilgrims to Saudi Arabia naturally the government is more careful. Inshalallah everything will go smoothly for our family and we will stay together.



  4. Mrs. Fathima Mohideen says:

    sorry it should be protect its people not protest.



  5. firdousamir says:

    You are right. It’s a mystery in many ways. However, a lot of changes are happening here and things becoming more transparent. I’m not too experienced here either. It takes a lot of time to research and find info we need, like the one in the subject. That’s why I thought to blog my experience.

    Well, take care.

  6. Mrs. Fathima Mohideen says:

    Assalaamulaikkum Sir,

    I would like to inform you that as per new rules, the consolidated Mark list is also required by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if the person is an Indian for the verification of the Degree Certificate. Mohideen’s certificate was stamped by Saudi Embassy it seems but held up at Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We have sent it by courier and are waiting for results. The degree certificate has already been verified by the concerned University, God knows what they want the Original Mark list for. Red Tape Red Tape….

  7. Abdul Wahab says:


    First of thank you for providing such a sort after detail in nutshell. I have one question. I am applying for my family visa, which have three members my wife and my two daugthers one is 2 and half and other is almost 1. I am confused about Visa fee, do I have to pay SAR 2,000 each for evry passport and visa meaning total SAR 6,000 or do I have to pay only SAR 2,000 which will cover my wife and two daughters. Please Help.

  8. firdousamir says:

    Salam Warahma.

    2000 is enough. It’s 2000 SAR for one application. You can include your wife and your kids in one application and process it.


  9. Asad says:

    Tell me about eligibility of accountant (mahasib ul amal) profession with B.Com degree. Salary exceeds SAR 10,000


    • firdousamir says:

      Accountants are eligible. I heard recently that Saudi Govt is not issuing Accountant Visa anymore outside the Kingdom. So, double check if the profession mentioned correctly.

  10. Rashid ali says:

    Rashid please tell me my profession is air condition technician as well as in aqama and i have two years diploma in same and my salary 3000SR can i eligible for family visa

  11. Shaharyar says:


    how i pay my family visa fees in bank? which bank? i will sunday Insha Allah for apply visa to Istakdam office dammam.


    • firdousamir says:

      The payment has to be made using Sadad services. Almost every saudi bank I know has this service enabled online. If you have online bank account, sign in and go to Sadad section > Govt services and choose option family visa. Pay 2000 SAR.

      You can also do through ATM
      Or you approach any local paper work people and ask them to pay. They might charge you 10 or 20 SAR as service charge.

      Good luck

      • Nouman Qazi says:

        Aslam alikum , w r t w b

        this is nouman qazi,, i want to ask you brother /sister, are computer technicain’s eligible for applying permenent visa,,, i am pakistani ,, it will be appreciable if you would give me valuable info… thanks , wsalam alikum

  12. hamza says:

    I have applied for permanent family visa twice, first time they issued the yellow paper but it wasnt uploaded online, i checked and got to know they lost my file, than i replied and got the yellow paper again. Still its not appearing online on moi website and the embassy in pakistan says that if it is not appearing online then they cannot issue the visa. Any suggestion on what should I do, or has anyone faced similar problem?

    • firdousamir says:

      Technically, only after processing the application online, you will get the yellow certificate. If they have processed your application the their government software system(and they will do only that), it SHOULD be there online.

      Check if you are querying the correct reference numbers.

  13. Junaid says:



    Thanks with Kind regards,

    • firdousamir says:


      From Pakistan, You need to attest your original marriage certificate only. Then you need to bring it to Saudi and then translate it in Saudi from an authorized translator.

      Translation charge around SAR50


  14. AbuMuhaajir says:

    today 09/05/2012 i bought a form to apply for permanent family visa in saudi arabia. you can download a form from this link

  15. dani says:

    salam…m a doctor here in KSA from Pakistan…i want to call my sister for visit…i went to foreign affairs deptt in jeddah recently with the form having both my mother’s n sister’s name…after seeing my sister’s name, they asked me to go to istiqdam office…so i requested them to cancel my sister’s name as i dint have the time to go to istiqdam the form was submitted with my mother’s request only n i got her visa after one day alhamdulillah….my question is can i call my sister on visit,not permanent ?? there were two counters in foreign affairs deptt but since my arbi is not good i couldnt understand what was the second counter for…n if they ask me to go to istiqdam office for my sister, what documents of mine n my sister do i need ?? also tell me pls how many days would it take to do her process, as i can take maximum of 2-3 leaves from my office ?? kindly reply in detail..thanx

    • firdousamir says:


      What I understand from your paragraph is that you would like to take your sister to Saudi for a visit and you would like to know if it’s possible.

      Well, I don’t know for sure. What I know is that, you can bring your father, your mother, your wife’s father, your wife’s mother, your wife and your kids (infants I think) in Visiting visa to Saudi. So far you have a medical profession marked in your Residence permit, above mentioned visa’s are perfectly possible, but I doubt about your sister’s case.

      However, everything is doable if your Saudi native sponsor is smart enough.

  16. SAIF says:

    Dear Firdous

    As salaam alai kum

    I am Presently in saudi arabia willing to bring my wife and my son on family visa.

    Profession on my Iqama is ”kaharbayi mobani” which is Building Electrician.So am i eligible for Family visa.

    Many Thanks


  17. debdoot banerjee says:

    please let me know of istiqdham office in riyadh

  18. asad says:

    Hello ,

    I have got a job in a saudi company as a computer programmer. They have send me the permanent visa. Now due to personal reasons , i want to decline this offer..

    Will there be any issues regarding visa.. The Hr of the company told me that they spend 13000SAR to get the permanent visa(Is that true amount) . Also there can be actions taken against me.. What can be the consequence in this matter. Please reply soon.

    • firdousamir says:

      HR could be right. Legally, 13000SAR not needed, but there used be lot of middle men and bribing en route procuring visas. Please know that, Arranging a permanent VISA for you to KSA is not a simple. HR would have spend enough money and effort to arrange a visa for you. No doubt they might show rough faces.

  19. Khilji says:

    Dear firdous,

    i am engineer
    Saudi company is considering me as technician because of less experience NOT an ISSUE

    Now agent or company told me to come KSA with labor visa because of URGENCY
    they are giving me surety to change my profession on IQAMA

    My question is that if i have labor visa, IQAMA is of technician

    Can i get family visa from KSA Govt.?

    Please reply. . . . . . . . . .

  20. Imran Ilyas says:

    Kindly what is the validity of the “yellow paper” issued from istiqdam office? I heard it is 3 months, some say for 1 year? Kindly what is the excat period of it’s validity?

    • firdousamir says:

      It’s 3 months once the Visa stamped on the passport. Not sure about the yellow slip validity

    • Fahad says:

      Yellow slip is one year. And ones the visa is stamped then it’s for 3 months.

      • gazala says:

        Dear Fahad my husband send the yellow slip for resident visa for me in saudi arabia. its states expiry in two weeks or so in arabic. as per this my yellow slip is expired but the agent says thats not a problem…please guide me whether I can apply or what as the agent says I can

      • firdousamir says:

        Not sure how to guide you. If you trust agent, it should not be a big problem.

  21. Jameel says:

    Dear firdous,
    I would like to ask that it the person have a driver profession on his iqama is he eligible to bring his family on permanent family visa? i would like to mention that driver for company not house driver?Kindly reply me as soon as possible?

  22. mahboob says:

    My question is that if i have IQAMA is of ac technician is eligble for family visa in saudi arabia pl reply me

  23. BASHEER says:

    I have received the Yellow Slip but when I checked online on the ministry website, the funds availavle are still SR 2000.00. Can I check that whether my visa is original or fake. Actually, I have received the Yellow Slip through a service provider.


  24. salman says:

    as salam
    my name is salman recently i change my iqma profession now is genral accoutant i want to know im able to get family visa

  25. Hafsah says:

    my husband applied for my visa , today he got the visa paper . but its not showing online on website . but his 2000/- is deducted . he used some agent services for visa . how can we check whether its original or fake . pls help

  26. ASRAF ALI says:

    i need your profession is funni.can i bring family permanently in saudi or not.

    • firdousamir says:

      I think you are eligible.

      • Nithya says:


        kinldy pls tell me the procedures to get visit visa. it would great helpful to me.

        My husband went to mofa office on saturday (sept’2012) but they told to go to istiqdam and send the documents to jubail.

        pls tell me i am confused why they told to got istiqdam and when they will issue visit visa

        pls. treat this as urgent.

  27. Usman Sheikh says:

    Dear all,
    I need family visa application form. please tell me from where i can download.

  28. Usman Sheikh says:

    and also tell that can i fill it through computer or i must fill it by hand writting

    • firdousamir says:

      Hand writing is allowed but typing is preferred as it would look cleaner. Make sure you do things cleaner, officials have every right to discard your application. Impress them.

  29. Usman Sheikh says:

    my Iqama profession is Fanny Abniyah (Building Technician) but I have no certificate or diploma, Please tell how I can bring my family on permanent visa.

  30. fathima says:

    hi.. im fathima.. my husband is in riyadh and he is willing to take me, but he do not hav a degree certificate… so wat can he do to apply without a degree certificate?

  31. Jamil Khan says:

    Assalam u allikum,

    I planning to apply for famiy visa, i just want to know two things:

    1. Do i need a passport copy of my wife as well or not neccessary?

    2. I have Marriage certificate from pakistan but not attested from saudi embassy in paksitan, one guy told me no need to attest from saudi emabssy you can take this certifaciate to Pakistan emabssy in jeddah they can translate and attest which is enough for istekdam


  32. Jan Michael says:

    My wife and son are already here with me in Saudi Arabia I’m a civil engineer by profession, during my application for my wife’s visa my son is yet to be born my wife is 5 months pregnant that time and she gave birth to my son in the philippines. I have obtained the yellow slip from saudi immigration stating only my wife’s name approved since she’s the only one I was able to apply for, My wife in the philippines was able to process her visa in the saudi embassy in the philippines fortunately saudi embassy in the philippines have issued and included also my new bor son’s visa. They left philippines without any problems and arrived here in saudi arabia safely and entered the immigration without any problems pertaining to their documents. I went to JAWASAT office in Riyadh for their Iqama it turns out that I was only able to have the Iqama of my wife since my son was not included in the application I have applied before and according to the agent I have to pay a certain amount to have a residence permit for my son who is 1 year old now. I paid 2000.00sar during my wife’s visa application.

    Mr. Firdousamir, what do I have to do to obtain Iqama for my son? what process should I undergo and how much money do I need to pay to the bank for me to get a residence permit for my son who is living with me with my wife here in Riyadh.

    Hoping for your immediate and kind response on this regard,

    Thank You.

  33. Kashif Adeel says:

    Dear Mr. Amir,

    It is pleased to request you; recently I came Saudi Arabia from Pakistan. By profession I am electronics engineer, but company gave me electronics technician visa with 10,917 SAR per month salary written on offer letter.

    Please advise me; with electronics technician visa status can I apply for my family visa (my wife and son) and as I am degree holder attested from Higher education commission and foreign office in Pakistan but not attested from Saudi culture and embassy as my visa is electronics technician and attestation not required for this professional.

    Now, for my family visa! Do I required to attest the my degree from Saudi culture and embassy in Pakistan?

    Waiting for your kind guidance.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Kashif Adeel

  34. shams says:

    hi ,

    can you provide me the Professions details, for eligible family visa…

    i have b-tech pass degree in electronics, but my profession is Amil Addi (gernal labour)…

    waiting your reply…

  35. Fahad says:

    I applied for Family Visa last week on Saturday. And got a yellow slip. But it is still not visible online when i put the applicant and the ID number , What should I do. Kindly tell me which numbers should I use in the link u provided.

    • firdousamir says:

      Many finds this problem. It not always displays in the site (somehow). Check with your travel agent and they will know how to pull this information. Don’t worry.

  36. Ali Bajaber says:

    Assalaam Aleikum,

    Just two days before my profession changed from banaa aam to Fanni hasib aali.i want to know im able to get family visa?
    and please give me in details Required Documents!
    What ever i have from Documents are:
    1.My Iqama Copy
    2.My Degree(BCA) Original Attested from Khaarijiyah & copy.
    3.My Two Kids Birth Certificates
    4.Wife Passport Copy
    5.Kids Passport Copy
    6.Marriage Certificates Attested from home Country + Translated in Arabic
    7.My Family Photo Graphs For Each 4 with White Background.
    8.My Passport Copy,,,,,,,,ect.

    So please if there anything missing let me know!

    Allah Hafiz

  37. wajid says:

    Child Birth Certificate attestation is compulsarory for family pemanent visa

  38. Muhammad Anwer says:

    Dear Friend,

    I am soon travelling to Kingdom on “Mason” visa though my profession is “Sr. Sales Engineer”. My company has refused me to change the “title” on passport/iqama for at least 2 years.

    What are the possibilities for me to bring my family to Kingdom. I will be working in Al Khobar.

    My wife, by profession, is Teacher, will it be better if she comes on her own working visa. For your information, I have two kids (1 daugher of 2 years and 1 son of 3 months).

    A kind reply awaited

    • firdousamir says:

      So far you cannot change your profession in your visa, you cannot bring your famility legally. After 2 years, if your profession changes and you bring your wife to the kingdom, she may not be able to work with the family visa, unless you have done special arrangements for it.

      If your wife can arrange her own visa, that’s better. However not every visa can bring kids with them. For e.g. as in your case, there is no guarantee that she will get a Teacher visa even if the rules mandates it. It’s complicated.

  39. Saneesh says:

    i need a very urgent help. i am working as an accountant and the profession mentioned on my iqama is also accountant but my salary is only SR.2000/-. please advise whether i get family visa.

  40. Mohamed Basheer.P says:

    my iqama profession is General Maintanance mechanic Does this profession will get permenet family visa to saudi arabia.Please reply me.

  41. Basharat says:

    I have received the yellow slip and sent the same to my home country. When my travel agent submitted the passport in Saudi Embassy; they told him that no payment has been made against this Visa. What should I do and how was the visa issued without checking the Amount Payment. When I checked from the website of Ministry of Interior SR 2,000.00 are available for Istiqdam.

    Please Advice.


  42. BASHARAT says:

    I received the yellow paper. But the SR 2,000.00 are still on bank website and on the website of ministry of interior. When I submitted the passport in saudi embassy, they told me that they Visa Fee has not been paid. I don’t understand that how the visa was issued and what should be my next step.

    Please advice.

  43. muhammad says:

    how to check the family visa issued from moi online after getting yellow paper to chec wether it is posted online or not

  44. mohammed ayub says:

    assalamualikum Firdos bhai,

    i am Ayub, last week got my family visa (my wife and 1yr old child) here in dammam, but while paying through online i paid amount of sr4000 instead of 2000 considering, 2000 per head. now there is no money on my iqama id, i want know is there any ways to take that money back, or do ministry will refund it later. please give any advise if u can.

  45. tobeyjake says:

    Hi! Your blog is very informative! I try to take a family visa before but the officers of riyadh istekdam rejected my documents they said my iqama profession and salary is good but my educational attainment is not a degree holder that why they refuse my application. I would like to ask one thing It is really required that you are bachelor/degree holder to get family visa?

  46. Nouman Qazi says:

    Aslam alikum , firdous amir ,,, how are you ,, this is nouman qazi, i am living in dammam, i have changed my profession in computer technician, so i would like to know is it possible that i ccan apply family visa, or i had called my parents in visit visa last few months before so could it possible then i can apply for parents visit visa with my sister??? ur reply will encourage to me … thanks jazakallah

  47. Mohamed Faried says:

    Salaam kind sir

    My name is Mohamed Faried and my sponsor company is in Riyadh.
    I am however contracted to work in Jeddah and live in Jeddah.
    I have recently received my Iqama.

    1) Can I apply for my family visa at the Istikdaam office in Jeddah?

    2) My attested documents from South Africa have my children”s passports but not the birth certificates. Is this ok?

    Your reply will be much appreciated.

    Mohamed Faried

  48. Xeeshan says:

    Dear all,

    i am working with the ministry of education here in KSA, I applied for my family and got the Istiqdam from Jeddah office. I sent the origional istiqdam letter by Saudi Post express mail, almost one month ago to the pakistan. But the problem is, they have not received the post yet. If you go to Saudi post office, they said, it already in Karachi. But when i inquire from karachi, they replied that its been sent to destination almost a month ago.; Now no one knows where the post is? It seems to be lost.

    I want to ask, is it possible to obtain a new or duplicate copy from the istiqdam office or not. What should i do? Please, reply as i really dont know what to do now.


  49. tobeyjake says:

    Good day your blog is very informative! Two months ago jawazat approved my application for change profession in iqama and recently I tried to apply a family visa to my wife..I go to riyadh Istekdam but the officers rejected my application. I asked them what is reason they explained to me that my profession in iqama and my salary is good but the problem is my educational attainment because I’m only 2-years course or diploma graduate. That time I feel discrimination but I dont want to give up for bringing my wife here. One thing I would like to ask to you It is really need that you must a degree holder to get a family visa?? I hope to can give some advice..

    • firdousamir says:

      Don’t feel discrimination. I think should try again. Profession and educational certifications are the most important factors of course, and they are just feeling that one of them is not upto the mark.

  50. Adnan says:

    salam. my profession is Dehan Mobani . plzzz tell me i m eligible for family visa or vist visa????

  51. ahmed says:

    i have all supporting document for family visa but one thing i want know, is that compulsory to have spouse name on passport.

  52. Majid Hussain says:

    Dear I apply for family visa for KSA my Trade in iqamma TELECOM TECHNITION but I have also telecom diploma attested from Saudi embassy Islamabad I.T minatory Foreign affairs but (Istaqdam) cannot give me a family visa……………
    We all no that way they are not given us family VISA………….
    (And this is Islamic country our Islamic brothers)
    Just tell me y not provide me a visa……give me your opinion………

    • firdousamir says:

      Only Istaqdam can tell what is wrong. Have you “asked” them what’s wrong? They will not reject without a proper reason. Please go istaqdam again and ask them “nicely” what’s wrong with your application.

  53. Fazal Quresh says:

    Salam O Al Aikum
    i read all your usefull detailed answers
    just i not found one thing that
    i am working in a company at jeddah and my Kafeel is from Najran
    and my kafeel and this company where i work have no certain relation
    in this case the salary paper or any kind of recomendation paper which will be required in the office of istakdam (for Family Visa) required from kafeel or the current company where i am working

    hope u understand my question
    waiting for reply
    with regards

  54. mohammed firdos ali says:

    assalam alaikum my name also mohammed firdos ali i am from india i am working here in madinah as quantity surveyor in al Rajhi construction company i want to be breing my family here i have my cirtificate and marred certificate with arabic transletion but my iqama profectional if carpenter labor and my company not agree for change my iqama profectional
    if there is posible i can get vissa from out side i am ready for pay money whatever reqd please give me your ans.

  55. tobeyjake says:

    I would like to ask if the ministry of foreign affairs in riyadh can accept a family visa application??

  56. Mohammad Yousuf says:


    I got the yellow slip, is this a family visa and shall I send this page to Pakistan or I have to visit Ministry of foreign affairs and they will issue other visa page.

    Thanks a lot.

  57. aj says:

    is the passport copy is mandatory for permanent visa or not?

  58. good day sir,

    my husband is applying for me and our daughters family visit visa….i would like to know what are the requirements and documents that he needs…thank you sir will be glad to hear from you

  59. farook says:

    Hi, My profession Computer technician, is it possible to get family visa.
    i attested my engg. degree by Indian external ministry and attache of saudi embassy in india, should i register saudi engg council or simply change my profession to get Family visa.

  60. tantan says:

    I would like to ask if I will get a refund for my payment for my family visa SR2,000 since my yellow slip that I already received has a wrong spelling name for my kids. The cancellation is already done since two weeks. Thanks.


  61. Kumar says:


    I am an Indian who holds BA Degree and Mcom Degree. Recently a Company in Saudi offered me an Accountant Visa and forwarded to Mumbai Consulate (Category mentioned is Public Accountant).

    Whether certificates are to be attested before VISA Stamping?
    Whether BA certificate is OK for Stamping and next Family Visa?
    How much time it usually take in India for getting the above done?
    After reaching how many days required for IQAMA?
    After Iqama how many days required for family Visa approval?

    Please help me out …

    • firdousamir says:

      Questions are already answered in the blog. Maximum time to acquire Visa is 90 days normally. How much time will take to get the Iqama depends on your sponsor’s availability. It’s just a one day task if he go directly.

      After your Iqama issued, you can immediately request for family visa.

  62. Abu Haneefah says:


    I’m from London and currently working in Jeddah. I’m in the process of bringing my family.

    What (document) exactly needs attestation? I heard that my kids birth certificate is a must as well as my marriage certificate! Is this true? Only my degree has been stamped from the Saudi Cultural Office in London. Is that stamp enough for that?

    Many thanks

    • firdousamir says:

      I heard that my kids birth certificate is a must as well as my marriage certificate! Is this true?

      It is true. Also it is important that you and your family’s passport should be connected (Father name, mother name, spouse name etc.)

      As of your second question, I’m not sure. So far I know, all the original documents (Degree, birth certificates etc.) should be endorced/attested by the Saudi embassy from the origin country (UK in your case).

      Also note that my explanation is based on my personal experience. Saudi emmigration law rotates every other day. So, may be you should consider asking directly in Istiqdam office in Jeddah. Middle men creates lot of confusions most of the time. HTH.

  63. shakeelraja says:

    Sir,I came on the labour visa.I would like to ask that the Accountant profession is still available for expatriates.If it is available then I have MBA degree.Do MBA degree support to have a Accountant profession.

    I,also need to ask that do u know which profession is good for me and I have an MBA degree.

  64. anu says:

    after registered saudi council of engineer registration, how long i have to wait for iqama?

    maximum how many days?
    After Iqama how many days required for family Visa approval

  65. romi says:

    I want to know that if your wife and son is already in KSA then you can transfer it on your even if it is a mason’s visa can you confirm it?

  66. Anwar says:

    I deposited SR 2000 for my family visa via SADAD option in October 2012 but for some reason I could not apply for family visa, now when I tries for refund of that amount, no amount is available on MOI website. It is have some validity as now about 4 months laps. Kindly tell me how I can take refund of that.

  67. mohammed ali says:

    Assalam alikum firdou madam,

    iam ali working here in riyadh from last 6 years and recently i got married last year and i wanted to bring my family here in saudi arabia on permanent visa. my profession is civil draftsman (example in arabic- RASAMI HANDASI MADANIYA) (CIVIL ENIGNEERING DRAFTSMAN) but certificated is still not attested did i apply for permanent visa please provide me details,

    i hope u will reply very soon,

    jazaka allah

  68. imthias says:

    Assalam Allaikkum,

    This is imthias and engineers by profession ond the same available on Iqama.
    i have got the yellow paper for my wife and its with me and dint process further.

    Now my question which i would like to know the answer is,i wish to bring my mother in residance VISA as she dont have dependant in india(Father is no more with us),I am the only son.

    Would you pls guide mw how can i bring my mother in RESIDENCE visa?

    Expecting Your replly in the earliest.


  69. Harikumar says:

    my Iqama profession is Computer Technician. I have certificate in AutoCAD , Please tell how I can bring my family on permanent visa.

  70. Abid says:

    I want permanent family visa.
    My iqama profession is Msah Aam
    On passport visa profession is Kahrbi Mbani
    Diploma of Associate Civil Engineer attested
    All other documents attested
    Kafeel later available
    all documents ready
    Govt fee SR 2000 paid
    but when one year befor i applied at istaqdam Jeddah they reject that we can not accept change profession consider your passport visa profession and u can get only visit visa
    Can you help me now after one year rols are same or change

    • firdousamir says:

      It’s possible to get family visa for those changed profession. But the decision remains with the istiqdam authority. If they find any discrepancy between your old profession and new profession, they might reject. You may lease approach the isthiqdam again.

  71. Abu Hibah says:

    Your valuable advise please… I am willing to bring my step-mother on visit visa to perform Umrah and Madina Ziyara. Kindly advise is it possible to bring my step- mother as my iqama profession is Marketing Specialist. (Pls note in her passport my dad name is mentioned as spouse name” ).

  72. sabindas says:


    My entry proffession to kindom was building electrician, Recently I changed to computer programmer . Can I get permanent family visa ?

  73. Ashfaq says:

    Assalualaikum Mr. Firdous Amir,

    I already have my family on permanent visa, but due to academic circumstances I have had to put exit stamp on one of my sons. Now i would like to bring him back again. Can you tell me the procedure.

  74. deep says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to know whether the procedures have changed for a permanent family visa to get the yellow slip? how much time does it normally take to get the yellow slip after submitting the documents?

  75. psbabu143 says:

    can you please provide us Dammam Address for Istiqdam (Visa Center)

  76. Jhon says:

    Dear Firdousamir,

    I am in the process of bringing my wife here with me.
    i do have all my documents (Degree Holder) completed with sponsor letter (arabic form).
    All attested by saudi embassy.
    My Profession is General Electronics , is my profession is allowed for family bisa?
    My sponsor is based in rhiyadh , i am based here in alkhobar. can i apply in Istiqdam Damam directly for family visa?
    I do need your guidance for clarification.
    waiting for your kind reply.
    thank you in advance/

  77. usman says:

    I am working in SaudI,what are the procedures for taking family status by giving money

  78. May says:

    I find your blog very helpful and I want to thank you for sharing the procedure. I just recently process the application for dependent visa for my 4 year old son. Everything goes smoothly and I have my yellow slip now. But I am confused because one saudi guy told me to go to MOFA and show the original yellow slip to them to get approval.. How true is this?

    • firdousamir says:

      It is not true so far my knowledge. Did you ask “why?”.

      • May says:

        That Saudi guy said that is the normal process.. Actually he cannot explain to me further, but he said that it should also be stamped in MOFA as it is like getting approval from them and informing them that I will bring my son here in Jeddah.

      • firdousamir says:

        Well, that’s exactly what you did in Istiqdam. If you have the yellow paper, send to home and appoint a good travel agent. They will do the rest.

    • May says:

      Thank you so much. I already sent the yellow paper to Philippines and my other documents. I hope all will goes smoothly as I am really confuse with what the others is saying. Thank you again

    • May says:

      Dear Sir,

      I also wish to know if it is possible to apply my husband on a dependent visa, I mean to say, he is here in jeddah with a iqama title of Family Driver. We are planning not to renew his iqama and go on exit visa. Is the procedure and requirement the same is I want to make him as my dependent? Thank you

  79. BASHARAT says:

    Mr. Firdous,

    Assalam Alaikum
    I wish to know that is it possible to change the Visit Visa into permanent Visa; I mean to say that my wife is in KSA on Visit Visa and I wish to change the same and get her Iqama Issued.

    Is this possible; if yes, then please tell me the procedure.


  80. May says:

    Dear Sir,

    I also wish to know if it is possible to apply my husband on a dependent visa, I mean to say, he is here in jeddah with a iqama title of Family Driver. We are planning not to renew his iqama and go on exit visa. Is the procedure and requirement the same is I want to make him as my dependent? Thank you

  81. Marc says:

    Thank you sir! 🙂

  82. Affan Ali says:

    Dear Firdous Assalam Alekum i came from Pakistan Karachi and i have an accountant iqama but i have not attested educational documents from Pakistan due to My BBA degree is Private but MBA degree is affiliated with Pakistan Govt. But according to the higher educational department law they refused to stamped both degrees because i have done BBA from pvt university. in that case , Can i bring my wife and kids without any educational documents however i have arabic translated all educational documents+nikkah nama and kids birth certicates. Please help me out or advice,

    Your prompt support would be hihgly appreciated

    Affan Ali

  83. Muneer says:

    Dear Firdous
    i have to apply for family visa but my daughter does not have a passport ,can i still apply for the visa or it is mandatory to have a passport for all your family members
    Thanks in advance , i will appreciate

  84. Arshad says:

    I am working ass Medical Technologist in Prince Mohammad Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital (National Guard health Affairs) in Medinah. Can I apply for my father visa, what will be the status i.e. Visit or Family Visa and what is the requirement and procedure?


  85. Mohammad Nabil says:

    Dear Sir,

    Salamu Alaikum, i would like to ask help for bringing my second wife here in Saudi Arabia and she is pregnant now and she always asked me to bring her here in Saudi Arabia and crying for this issue always. I was worried for her condition can anyone help me for this problem.

    By the way my first wife and 1 son was here with me and I was there sponsor. This issue kind of difficult but I was asking for help for there is any way to bring my second wife.

    Thank you,
    Mohammad Nabil

  86. I Tahseen Shaikh Mahboob from Saudi jeddah Living with my Wife. my father in Law wants to come KSA for 2 months (Visit Visa) in Ramadaan.can it be possible?

  87. sadiq says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to inquire, as at presently my position in Iqama is Plumber, is there any possibility to bring my wife & kinds, permanent visa in ksa.

    Please, Guide me,
    Thank you & best regards,


  88. Atif Ahmad says:

    Dear Brother,

    I want to know whether the arabic translation copy of my degree also needs to be attested from Pakistan? Or I can use arabic tranlation copy from any authentic translator here in KSA?

    I will appreciate a early response.


  89. Paul says:

    Dear sir,
    I got a offer from saudi as marketing specialist but my degree is in .is it possible to attest my certificate using this offer letter.

  90. amir mohib says:

    I am a land surveyor in saudia and my pay is 2500 can i apply for family visa.

  91. Mohamed Rishad says:

    My profession is ” Marketing Specialist”, & I’ m B-com Graduate (All necessory documents are attested and translated).
    Let me know, B-Com Certificate is Matching with “Marketing Specialist” Profession?

    Pls reply

  92. Syed Zaheer says:

    Dear Firdous amir,

    My current profession in iqama is ” winding machine operator ” (Mushagal alat alaf) and I would like to change to ” SALES REPRESENTATIVE ” (Mamdub Mabayad) to be eligible to get family visa for my wife. My degree qualitication optional subjects are CHEMISTRY, BIO-TECHNOLOGY & MICROBILOGY. Pls. let me know I am eligible to get family visa ??

    Is specific degree is required in sales for this new position ? Or any degree is acceptable for sales representative profession ? Pls. advise.

    I would really appreciate your help in this regard.


  93. Abhay says:

    Dear Sir,

    I like your spirit to help the people for the information because without knowledge man is handicapt.

    I have Iqama written profession of “Masahe Aam” Generel Surveyor, i have 3 year diploma in Civil Engineering. Can i will get Family Visa on this?

    I have this said Iqama from Riyadh , for some work i am at Jeddah so, Can i shall get Family visa from Jeddah MOI.

    Please give me your valuable suggestion.

    Thanks and Regards

  94. bigyan rai says:

    dear sir i wish you to know that if it is possible to change from visit visa to permanent visa. i mean to say my family has been got visit visa recently and my profession in my residence permit card is tranalator(mutarjum) please advise me if there possible.

    thank ou

  95. FARAH says:

    Dear Sir

    I just want to ask that I have KSA Residence Visa under my husband’s sponsorship. Professionally I have been teaching Computer Science for a very long time in Pakistan, but I have B.COM degree and 2 Years Diploma in Computer Science. Can I transfer my visa as a Teacher’s visa willing to teach Computers having B.Com Degree. Can any school transfer the sponsorship without any problem or what is actually required for the transfer of visa?

  96. shihab says:

    dear sir how many months can keep my yellow slip (family visa ) without stamping i mean expiry of visa 6 months already passed my visa kindly request to help me

  97. jj says:

    Can I eligible to get Family visa while my wife working in Saudi Arabia in work visa?[She work in M.O.H] Or she have to go final exit before applying family visa? My proffesion in iqama is eligible and all other valid documents with me

  98. ajmal says:

    Let me know the validity of issued visa
    And after stamping from Indian, what the validity

  99. Noor mohamed jameel says:

    As salam u alaikum


    i am Noor mohamed jameel basically i am an engineer but in My iqama my job profession is “FANNI ELECTRONIYAAT” but now under Niytaqat program i have transferred to reputed company in saudi arabia, my wife also with me on visit visa ,i want her to bring on permanent it possible or i have to change my profession first. coz u know now there are lot of condition for saudi engineer council and all please do reply

  100. Abdur Rehman says:

    Can you please upload an authentic editable copy of permanent visa application form.
    i have been searching for it for last couple of days.
    I would be greatly thankful to you i helping me out.

  101. pradeep Kurup says:

    Dear sir
    I applied for family visa one and half years ago and received the yellow slip but till date I didn’t use this slip because of some personal problem. I want to know whether this yellow slip valid now also ( after 1.5 years) so that I can use it or it need renewal. If it is to be renewed what is the procedure. Please advice me.

  102. G Qadir says:

    I come to know that as per new rules by MOFA, all certificates will be attested from Saudi Culture Office Islamabad along with attestation from Saudi Embassy Islamabad.

    Please confirm whether Marriage certificate, Children birth Certificates and School certificates are required attestation from Saudi Culture office Islamabad or Not required.


  103. Abdur Rahman says:

    Assalamu Alaikkum,
    Im Abdul Rahman. my iqama profession is Funni Sabakath Haaseb. and i have certificate Diploma in Information technology, already stamped my certificate in my home county saudi embassy ,ministry of affairs srilankan and ministry of affairs dammam also. so can i apply fpr permanent visa for my wife and daughter.

    Abdul Rahman

  104. Ali Sikandar says:

    Can any one please confirm if Yellow Slip (Permanent Family Visa) is valid for how much time before it is stamped in home country.


  105. Jafri says:


    Good day to you.

    i have a degree of B.A from karachi university and as per my degree could you please tell me exactly which status will be match because i am going to call my family here and for that purpose i need to change my iqama status.


  106. QAZI BASEER says:


  107. Mohammed says:

    Dear Firdous,
    I just need to know,can i get my family on visit visa?and one more question whether iztaqdam provide support for those who want to get their family on visit?
    A prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

  108. mohamed uk says:

    I have a slight confusion in terms of attestation. I have seen three different information in the UK. That the qualifications need to be attested by the Saudi Cultural Bureau first, then the FCO (UK Gov), then Saudi Embassy.
    I wonder if you can confirm this or would it suffice to get it done directly from Saudi Embassy?
    Oh and I wonder if anyone knows the fees that Saudi Embassy charge per document?
    Can this be done individually or must it be done through agent?

    Thanks in advance.

  109. Naseem Ahmad says:


    Well my situation is bit tricky, and need an urgent assistance please, If I get the family visa through agent and send the yellow paper to my home country for visa endorsement, while here, I give the transfer to another company, what will be consequences, if there will be any legal contradiction arise on arrival of my family in KSA, (as my sponsor would have been changed) and is there would be any difficulty to get Iqma of my family….. please advise urgently

    many regards,’

    Naseem Ahmad

  110. hasen says:

    I am working as branch manager in company but my profession on my iqama is electrician and my qualification 10+2 only then which profession is eligible to me kindly let me know plzzz. I am very hard working person. I achieved this level with my talent.kindly let me know the solution.

  111. Ali says:

    Dear Mr. Firdous,

    Can you please guide, whether permanent family visa is granted on ”Marketing Specialist” profession or not?

    The person holds Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences from Pakistan and is on Marketing Specialist profession and wants to apply for visa but not sure, whether will he be eligible or not.

    Please guide clearly in regard and also if you know the website/web link for list of professions allowed to apply for permanent family visa.

    Awaiting your reply,

    Thanks and regards,


  112. Michelle says:

    Dear Sir,
    My husband is working in KSA as a senior researcher. He has sent the docs for ministry of interior now for family visa. How long will it take to get the visa slip from this.? Could you pls reply asap. Thank You.

  113. saleem zafar says:

    dear Mr Firdus
    my profession on iqama is system technician (Funny Inzimma) so can i apply for family visa i am working in riyadh having salary 4000 so kinldy reply me thanks and i am having relevant doc as per my iqama status

  114. Waqar says:

    Dear Bro,
    i am here in saudi since 27 years, i get transfer from my father to Seder Group as a labour profession, because of Manduub.
    but now i change my profession to Telecom Technician.
    i want to apply for family visa, is it possible or not, and if not possible legally, then please tell me any agent number who can bring visa.
    Thanks and best Regard’s

  115. melba says:

    good day..! is there an instiqdam at riyadh embassy?

  116. Anon says:

    Hello Sir,
    My husband is a researcher in saudi. He has submitted dependant visa papers in ministry of interior, ksa. How many days will it take to get our yellow slip.? pls help we have no clue. 😦

  117. Aziz says:

    My Profession in Iqama is Karbai Mabani [building electrician] is it possible to get a family visa in KSA on this profession.

  118. quratulainamin says:

    Dear sir,

    My husband in jeddah with profession on iqama iz machine operator should he bring his family i m suffering last 3 years i need your help plz reply me

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